WNBA’s COVID-19 vaccine experience highlights the value of unions and workplace democracy

Employers in a variety of industries continue to have difficulty securing vaccination rates recommended by public health experts to maximize protection for employees and the general public against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On one extreme, some e… Read More

Biden Administration tackling workplace safety issues as the climate crisis escalates

Most now recognizes that the climate has changed significantly in recent years, with virtually every successive year being warmer than the previous one. Although the politicization of this issue has created unnecessary confusion about the primary cau… Read More

DOL moves employment law in right direction

On July 30, 2021, the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) rescinded a rule adopted under the prior Federal administration that limited when more than one company is responsible for wage theft, employee misclassification, or other violations… Read More

Economic analysis shows better enforcement needed to protect employee rights

The reports of widespread wage theft, employee misclassification, and employer retaliation have continued, if not increased, in recent years. Consequently, the results of a new study are both unsurprising and deeply troubling for those who seek workp… Read More

EEOC steps up to address the pandemic’s impact

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently issued public guidance regarding the use of incentives to encourage employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This technical assistance from the EEOC outlines how empl… Read More

Government policy and employer practice have suppressed employee compensation for decades

The Economic Policy Institute recently published a study that carefully evaluates the experience of employees over the past several decades to determine why employee compensation has remained stagnant while employee productivity has continued to incr… Read More

As the pandemic continues, so do the work-related disparities

A recent Gallup survey examined how the ongoing pandemic has affected work opportunities in the past year. Like other aspects of life, the pandemic has increased and aggravated existing inequalities when it comes to employment-related matters. For ex… Read More

Build back better with passage of the PRO Act

Although a Gallup poll in 2020 confirmed that 65% of people in the country favor union representation, only 10% of people actually have union representation. This gap between the preference of, and reality for, employees underscores the lack of workp… Read More

Minnesota Supreme Court bolsters contract claims for employees

Following several important decisions reinforcing and even expanding employee rights, the Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled for employees in another nationally significant case. The decision in Hall v. City of Plainview has extended the legal do… Read More

Historic Georgia wins have immediate and important consequences for workplace protections

Despite racially charged attacks against them by the Republican incumbents’ and their allies, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff reportedly became the first African American and Jew, respectively, to represent Georgia in the history of the Uni… Read More