Labor Law

Our attorneys represent unions in all labor law matters in the private sector and in the public sector, providing responsive, principled, and effective legal services to each client. This work includes:

We help unions develop and implement creative strategies to build bargaining power and to protect the interests of their members in legislative and other public policy arenas in the Midwest. Our attorneys have crafted numerous State and Local initiatives to further the goals of the labor movement:

  • Prevailing wage and prompt payment laws
  • Best value contracting legislation
  • Labor peace ordinances
  • Project labor agreements

Our firm also represents numerous apprenticeship programs, advising them how to structure and operate fairly, efficiently, and consistent with applicable law. In addition, we handle litigation for these apprenticeship programs to protect and advance their vital missions.

We invite you to learn more about Cummins & Cummins’ labor law services and results and to contact us to schedule a consultation.