Labor Law

Our attorneys represent unions in all labor law matters in the private and public sectors -- including court litigation, arbitrations, collective bargaining, proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") and Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services ("BMS"), Federal and State Department of Labor investigations, organizing campaigns, picketing, strikes, and internal labor organization administration.

We help unions develop and implement creative strategies to build bargaining power and to protect the interests of their members in legislative and other public policy arenas. For example, our attorneys have crafted numerous State and Local initiatives to further the interests of the labor movement, including prevailing wage laws, labor peace ordinances, best value contracting legislation, and project labor agreements. We do not just tell our clients what they cannot do because of the limits of existing labor laws; the firm's attorneys also help our clients think through how best to achieve their objectives in an economical manner, providing straight answers to complex questions.

When labor organizations face lawsuits, our attorneys provide a strong and cost-effective defense and have obtained early dismissal of many cases filed in Federal or State court. If employers violate the law to gain an unfair advantage, we prosecute cases as private attorneys general to level the playing field for all workers.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling labor arbitrations, ranging from discipline or discharge cases to high-stakes matters involving wage-and-benefit or subcontracting issues. In addition, our attorneys know how to make the most of the remedies available through the NLRB's unfair labor practice proceedings and how to work effectively with the BMS in the public sector. Given their expertise, our partners are designated as Board Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialists by the Minnesota State Bar Association. For more information about the labor law practice area, click here