Employment Law

Our attorneys handle the full array of employment law matters under Federal and State law. We represent our clients by litigating claims in the courtroom and before government agencies, such as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the United States Department of Labor. The firm's attorneys also provide non-litigation counsel to clients.

We have prosecuted employment cases on behalf of individuals as well as entire classes of employees. Whether working on behalf of an individual or an entire class, our attorneys dedicate ourselves to treating our clients respectfully and advocating vigorously on their behalf. The firm's attorneys have successfully litigated wage, non-compete, whistleblower, family and medical leave, WARN Act, and ERISA claims, among other matters. We also have prosecuted workplace retaliation, harassment, and discrimination cases.

When clients choose not to litigate their claims, our attorneys have provided non-litigation counsel to help solve a particular workplace problem. Our advice has covered issues such as the best strategies for counteracting an employer's plans to terminate an employee as well as the most effective tactics in negotiating severance agreements when clients prefer to move to a new employer.

Given their expertise in employment law, our partners are designated as Board Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialists by the Minnesota State Bar Association. In order to obtain such rigorous certification, our partners have shown superior skill and understanding in the area of labor and employment law. They have also passed a detailed written examination and have been evaluated by their peers as attorneys with expertise and integrity. For further information about the employment law practice area, click here