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Minnesota enacts landmark legislation that leads the nation in promoting workplace fairness

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently executed comprehensive and progressive reforms to labor & employment law passed by the Minnesota Legislature during the 2023 legislative session. This transformative legislation, SF3035, enacts numerous and im… Read More

Noncompete provisions increasingly disfavored across the country

Many employers require employees to sign a noncompete “agreement” before the employee will be hired or, in the context of merger or acquisition, can keep their job. These noncompete provisions prevent employees from working for competitors for a… Read More

Employers restrict nearly 1/3 of private-sector employees’ freedom to change jobs

According to a report recently issued by the Economic Policy Institute, at least 36 million employees in the private sector have been compelled to sign purported non-compete agreements that limit where those employees can work after their employment… Read More
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