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Jon Erik Haines

Phone: 612.465.0108
Jon Erik is a dedicated advocate for justice and dignity in the workplace. Jon Erik graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School with honors. During that time, he also served as a Lead Editor of the Minnesota Journal of Law and Inequality, r… Read More
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Robert D. Metcalf

Phone: 612.465.0108
Bob represented labor unions for nearly 50 years and is now retired from the active practice of law. He dedicated his entire career to advancing the labor movement and improving the lives of workers. Bob handled countless court trials, arbitrations,… Read More
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Justin D. Cummins

Phone: 612.465.0108
Justin prosecutes cases of retaliation, harassment, and discrimination in employment, housing, and other areas. He also litigates labor law, compensation, non-compete, leave, fraud, contract, and constitutional claims. In addition, Justin provides st… Read More
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Brendan D. Cummins

Phone: 612.465.0108
Brendan has handled numerous judicial, administrative, and arbitration proceedings in labor law cases, including many high-profile appellate matters. Brendan also has drafted legislation and policies adopted by State and Local governments, and he rou… Read More
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Alex M. Bollman

Phone: 612.465.0108
Alex fights for fairness and equality in the workplace by representing labor unions and workers in both litigation and strategic counseling matters. She also assists individual employees in cases of discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Alex i… Read More
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