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Minnesota Supreme Court expands civil rights protections in 2 additional rulings

In Fletcher Properties, Inc. v. City of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that an anti-discrimination ordinance adopted by Minneapolis does not violate either the equal protection or due process provisions of the Minnesota Constitution.… Read More

Fair housing protections remain robust

For a number of years, the Supreme Court has signaled its interest in deciding a case under Title VIII, 42 U.S.C. §§ 3601, et seq., to address the viability of disparate impact doctrine. The disparate impact doctrine, also known as the discriminato… Read More

More judicial activism from the Supreme Court

The time-honored practice of the Supreme Court has been to take cases for review when there is a significant disagreement among the Circuit Courts of Appeals about how to apply a legal principle. Not anymore evidently, at least when it comes to civil… Read More