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A widening disconnect

This past term generated a number of opinions by the Supreme Court that evidently reflect disregard as much for practical reality as for long-standing law. Although the pro-corporate bias of the Supreme Court is nothing new, the degree of that bias i… Read More

Supreme Court curtails human rights enforcement

In another 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ventured into the public policy thicket and came out on the side of defendants. In Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum, the Supreme Court held that the Alien Tort Claims Act (“ATCA”) generally no longer prov… Read More

Immigration reform: short on details, long on consequences

With the re-election of Barack Obama as President, Washington, DC and much of the country have refocused attention on the nation’s broken immigration system. The renewed attention on how we should best address the presence of approximately 12 milli… Read More

Tribute to pioneer highlights the crucial link between labor and civil rights

Beginning on January 24, 2013, the History Theatre will feature 19 wonderful performances about the life and times of Nellie Stone Johnson. The production, entitled Nellie, shows the protagonist to be a true trailblazer, knocking down seemingly insur… Read More
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Taking on the giant of giants

For decades, Walmart has dominated much of the retail market, often at the expense – literally and figuratively – of local communities. With the rapid growth of Walmart, everything from the proverbial mom-and-pop shop to community infrastructure… Read More

Federal and state elections update

Federal and State elections will be held in approximately 1 month. Those elections could have a dramatic impact, with reverberations for decades, as to the legal rights of unions, employees in general, consumers, and other members of the larger commu… Read More