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Employers increasingly using stay-or-pay “contracts” that facilitate exploitation

Since the declaration of the global pandemic in 2020, awareness about fundamental disparities in the labor market between employers and employees has grown significantly. Consequently, and as an example, States like Minnesota have outlawed non-compet… Read More

Corporate dominance of the labor market harms employees and economic opportunity

The United States Department of the Treasury – in collaboration with the United States Department of Labor, the Federal Trade Commission, and the United States Department of Justice – recently issued an important report: “The State of Labor Mar… Read More

Government policy and employer practice have suppressed employee compensation for decades

The Economic Policy Institute recently published a study that carefully evaluates the experience of employees over the past several decades to determine why employee compensation has remained stagnant while employee productivity has continued to incr… Read More

Putting employer non-compete agreements in their place

Much like the hastily drafted and adopted tax “reform” law championed by the Trump Administration, non-compete agreements generally reflect and worsen the disparity of leverage and resources between employers and employees. Simply put, employers… Read More
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