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Supreme Court expands civil rights protections for employees

Especially since the appointments to the Supreme Court during the last administration, the Supreme Court ordinarily has not rendered progressive decisions. To the contrary, as exemplified by majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organ… Read More

EEOC providing long-overdue enforcement guidance

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently issued proposed guidance for enforcement of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination protections under Title VII, the civil rights statute governing employers across the c… Read More

Minnesota Supreme Court overrules itself to declare that workers compensation law no longer bars civil rights claims in the workplace

In Daniel v. City of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Supreme Court reversed course and rejected the legal standard established 30 years ago under employment law in Karst v. F.C. Hayer Co., 447 N.W.2d 180 (Minn. 1989). Before Daniel, and for the past 3 dec… Read More

Entrenched sex harassment culture more fully exposed

In recent months, an increasing number of courageous women and men have come forward to report unwanted and otherwise inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace and elsewhere. This misconduct has been carried out largely by powerful white men in m… Read More

The legal landscape for whistleblowers

The Minnesota Legislature recently amended Minnesota’s whistleblower law to revise the statutory definitions of “good faith,” “penalize,” and “report” and, consequently, to extend the reach of the law. To that end, the whistleblower law… Read More

What is harassment?

Both Federal and State courts have adopted evolving definitions of what amounts to harassment in violation of civil rights and employment laws. Based on a series of decisions by the United States Supreme Court, the general understanding of harassment… Read More